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Thank god i have this blog!
Now i must be more ladylike on twitter.
Reading some advices about how to get a job i notice how important cyberspace is. Google myself and found my tweets has many dirty words…and it’s so easy to see!!!!
I’m gonna tweet more carefully and trying to speak about something more interesting ( almost 80% of my tweets are comments about a soup…😅)
What a mess!!!!…thank god i have this account to be myself!


One of my purposes after my birthday, is training my body. Summer will be here in almost three months, so i have enough time to look amazing wearing bikini.
First i did was investigate, and i found Sheldon’s body structure theory. I learn that i’m a ectomorph woman, and there’s a specific bodywork and food type for me.
Must say that i’m happy with my discovers. I hate do excercise, and i’m not a sporty girl, but the training recomended for my body structure is soft, take a lil bit o time and is not swetting.
I’ve doing my excersice two days and i’m gratefully surprised. Training seems so soft, but i can feel the pain in my muscles.
Hope this help me to feel younger, mor confidence and sexy.
I will be telling and showing you my progress.
Let’s move!!!!

35 years old

Yes, another circle around the sun is completed! That means, if I’m not lucky and i’m heiress of the family curse, i have almost 25 years to live.
One more time the mantra for this new year is -HIC ET NUNC-but…will i brave enough this time?
Meanwhile, i work in love my body, excersice and looking good. Anytime money will come to me and party will start!!!!


I know you’re freaking out.

You have this baby that needs you to survive. YOU. And you don’t know if you have the ability to help this little one grow into a functional human being. Though you’ve been through rough stuff before, you now have an actual life to care for—a delicate, innocent life. But, see, here’s the thing…

You can do it.

Not only can you do it, you will. You’ll kick ass at it. Like, major ass. You might not feel like it as it’s happening, but you will.

You’ll trust you instincts, you’ll reach out for help when you need it, you’ll take time for yourself every so often, you’ll forgive yourself for getting mad or depressed and you’ll allow yourself to celebrate your victories, no matter how insignificant they seem.

You are a parent. You are not perfect, but your baby doesn’t need perfect. Your baby needs you. Flaws, quirks and all.

And the one thing, the most important thing, you can offer that baby is love. You honestly don’t need to know anything else because your love will lead you to the answers you seek. It will be the divining rod that points the way as you help this baby—your baby—grow.

So, chin up. Trust yourself. You’ve got this, okay?

You’ve got this.

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