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Thank god i have this blog!
Now i must be more ladylike on twitter.
Reading some advices about how to get a job i notice how important cyberspace is. Google myself and found my tweets has many dirty words…and it’s so easy to see!!!!
I’m gonna tweet more carefully and trying to speak about something more interesting ( almost 80% of my tweets are comments about a soup…πŸ˜…)
What a mess!!!!…thank god i have this account to be myself!


One of my purposes after my birthday, is training my body. Summer will be here in almost three months, so i have enough time to look amazing wearing bikini.
First i did was investigate, and i found Sheldon’s body structure theory. I learn that i’m a ectomorph woman, and there’s a specific bodywork and food type for me.
Must say that i’m happy with my discovers. I hate do excercise, and i’m not a sporty girl, but the training recomended for my body structure is soft, take a lil bit o time and is not swetting.
I’ve doing my excersice two days and i’m gratefully surprised. Training seems so soft, but i can feel the pain in my muscles.
Hope this help me to feel younger, mor confidence and sexy.
I will be telling and showing you my progress.
Let’s move!!!!

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