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Are really so much lonely people out there?
I start to offer my service as a freelance translator and writing, and i have two offers to work as “virtual friend”. Men offer to pay for stare and chat.
Basically, it’s flirting by webcam.
why are they ready to do that? aren’t enough women out there? what happens with people’s social skills?
And i found my own virtual flirt in a job social network!!!!
Don’t misunderstand me…I love to see how upload a normal picture of me makes men coming to connect!…but when they start to talk about how many they can pay for be friends…is creepy.
I love have virtual friends, i have from usa, canada, indonesia…but it’s just because i’m social. I don’t wanna charge for this.

perfect lazy day

After a nightmare night (my son had difficult to get sleep, my husb wanna let him crying alone until he fall sleep by himself, a fight because it, a boring speech for my husb saying i don’t care of him, the only one who works and blah blah blah, tv on at 2 am and shut the fuck up and sleep sex) I’ve doing nothing today.
I left bed at 3:00 pm, buy chinese (didn’t cook) and i’ve not vacuum or nothing to clean the house. I’m just sitting in the couch watching sitcoms…and i’ve playing with my baby.
All this wearing jeans, sweater and snickers.
And my husb will not back to home tonight…so i’ll smoke some weed after go to bed…maybe use my vibe too.
Tomorrow I gonna get back to my good housekeeper mom again…
but not today.

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