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outfits for real life

Here in south autumn is coming, there in the north you’re welcoming spring. Wherever we are is a change of season and that means designers, retail stores and markets are showing their new season proposes to wear.
But sometimes (many times) the greats ideas of designers doesn’t fit with our lives. It can be because clothes are unconfortable or because our body shape is so different that the type their keep in mind.
Two of the most challenging moments to choose clothes are when you’re pregnant and when you become a mom.
My best friend is pregnant now, just 8 weeks…but she will front this challenge soon. So, with all my love, i will write thhe next fashion tips for her, and for every women who want.

hope that post doesn’t go to the vacuum…i want your opinions.
This happen in Chile, is a “tetada”: many women meet in a public space (a museum, in this time) and breastfeed their babys all together. The idea is empowered mothers and show how natural is breastfeeding…so natural that you must get off your breast anywhere and nobody must be surprised, or offended…or turned on.
And say you must breastfeed beyond the two years.
A friend incoming from Switzerland is so confused with this. She doesn’t understand “this obssession of women to show her boobs and let maternity be THE activity of her lifes”.
What do you think about this?
Please, let me hear you…

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